In need of some creative development?  Take a look below for an overview of our services.

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Graphic Design

Our skilled graphic designers can assist you with print or digital materials.  Are you looking for departmental logos or other branding elements?  These keepers of the SNU Visual Standards can help you! Please allow at least three weeks of lead time to ensure your project is given the time and attention it requires.
Magic doesn’t happen overnight!

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Our photographers have a keen eye and are passionate about capturing visual imagery to tell the stories of people, places, and products.

Services include (but are not limited to) headshots, event photography, and marketing imagery.

 If you believe a picture is worth well more than a thousand words, SNU Creative is the place for you.

Please place requests 2-3 weeks in advance!

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Social Media Marketing by SNU Creative

Social Media / Marketing

Let us help you get your message or story shared across our very active platforms.

Since assuming the role of managing the university’s social accounts, our engagement and follower numbers have skyrocketed!  We are proud of our achievements and can provide the help you need.  We can promote your info on our channels or we can show you how to create your own buzz.

Please place requests 2-3 weeks in advance as this is a very busy area for our small, in numbers, team!

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Our videographers pledge to capture your event or branding from angles that are sure to be memorable.

We hope to set your vision into motion…literally!

Video at SNU Creative is growing, but we are still somewhat limited in resources. Before we accept your project, we require a consultation to make sure this service is right for both your project and within our capability!

Please request at least four weeks in advance.

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Web Development

Do you need to update the content of your webpage?

We manage over nine hundred web pages on the main SNU.EDU website in order to keep it functional. SNU also has several independent sites (List to the left).  We would love to have fresh content to represent your department or organization well but in order to accomplish that we need your help!  Please allow at least two weeks notice before your changes need to be live.

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