“My name is Bojan Tolmac, I’m a sophomore transfer from Novi Sad, Serbia, and I am majoring in Computer Science.
This year I transferred to SNU to play soccer. I’ve been playing soccer for 15 years now. About two years ago, the assistant coach at my previous school made the connection with me and talked with the head coach regarding me as a soccer player. Two months after that, I found out that the assistant coach was no longer there. Six months later, I got a call from that same assistant coach who I’d made my first connection with. He informed me he was the new head coach at SNU and wanted me to come play for him here. I suppose it is a small world after all. It is still crazy to me that someone cared enough to continue calling. Back home, my father and brothers took care of me. Needless to say, being a thousand miles away from everything I’ve ever known has been a huge adjustment, but it has shaped me in ways unimaginable. Sometimes I hate soccer, like when I’m not on my” A-game.” Some days I don’t want to practice, but that’s just life. Even the things you love become tiresome. However, when I’m on the field, every worry disappears, and that’s the best part. “