“I came to SNU my sophomore year. My parents loved the experience my older brother had here at SNU and they wanted the same thing for me. Once I began to get involved, I think God just put the perfect people in my life at the right time.

I always wanted to be a teacher. When I was little I would play ‘school’. When I set up my classroom it wasn’t just kids stuff, it was FOR REAL. However, once I actually needed to choose a major I was really confused. I had this idea of me being this ‘super successful’ independent person. I didn’t know or think teaching could do that because teachers don’t exactly get paid a lot. The day I was needing to call and set up classes, I had a mental breakdown. A close family friend prayed over me and asked if I wanted to be a teacher because of my gifts with kids. There was a peace that just came over me. The power of prayer brought me back to the path that God had for me in the first place.

With the SNU School of Education you get so much hands-on experience. My first day I was sold. I loved it. I want to teach Pre-K or Kindergarten. I LOVE Kindergarten. Five year olds are my dream age. A career in education gives us the opportunity to have a little impact in their lives.”

– Jayda Babcock. Senior, Early Childhood Education major from Orange, TX.