“I was called to be a missionary and I just love the Hispanic culture so I wanted to be equipped well for that. I came to SNU for Missions and then I learned about what a Multi-Discipline major was. I entered a Multi-Disciplinary degree for Missions, Spanish, and Mass Communication. The reason why I didn’t just choose one major was that it shows that not only am I qualified for understanding cultural relativism, but I’m also equipped with all these various skill sets.

I became a Christian when I was fifteen but I was barely there as a Christian. Once I started growing and thought about what the Lord has done for me, I decided to get into ministry. I got plugged into local ministry through my church and ended up getting the call to ministry after I went on a trip to Peru. The Lord kept pressing it on my heart.

SNU has an internship program through the School of Theology and Ministry where Freshman through Seniors go and minister at a church. Over the years, I’ve worked with children’s ministries and Celebrate Life. I’ve worked in so many areas of the church, which has been great for my growth and experience of ministry. To build a good ministry team, you need to surround yourself with people who have different strengths but the same passion and vision.

As a young woman in ministry, I feel like I’m expected to have different things rise up against me like ‘oh women aren’t allowed to preach, women can’t be lead pastors’, things like that. but I haven’t really faced that yet. I’m in college with my peers who build me up. I haven’t stepped into the real world yet. The church that I’m with right now has prepared me so well for that though because my supervising pastor is a woman. I see the way that people love her. But that’s the role of any pastor, man or woman. To be the hands and feet of Jesus in community. Experience is the only difference.

My faith has been deepened further since I’ve come to SNU. There have been so many people who have been placed in my life to challenge my growth, people like Eileen Ruger, Sydney Jones, Brianne Morrow, Katy Bradley and many others. Once I started taking courses here and getting to know people/pastors, the steps started to get bigger. The different things I’ve gotten to plug into over the years have really impacted my life in a great way.”

– Hannah Sparks, Senior Multi-Disciplinary major from Fort Smith, Arkansas.