“I’m a third generation SNU student. Born and raised in Oklahoma City so it was pretty much inevitable I would end up here. After nearly failing my way out of college (twice), I was heading into Junior year unmotivated and knew I needed to change something. That’s when I got in touch with Professor Jim Smith in the Mass Communications department to switch my major. He said, ‘It’s about time. I think it’s a great fit. We would love to have you’. I will never forget that.

He’s known me since my Freshman year and knew I was passionate about photography. Prof. Smith has greatly influenced my time here. He truly cares about my success. He has devoted time out of his personal life to help with projects I’m working on, even loaning me his personal camera equipment. His patience and willingness to work with students is something I will never take for granted. He is my advisor and my friend.

My faith has grown significantly at SNU. High school was a dark time in my life. My best friend died. I was bullied. I never fit in. I was a bad student. I came to SNU with baggage and thought I could figure out life on my own. But it doesn’t work like that. God doesn’t work like that. The Lord said to me ‘show me your faith and I will show you my faithfulness’. That’s exactly what happened. Faith changed my life and SNU celebrates that.

I can’t imagine myself being at another school. I love everything about my major. Everyone has a different and unique perspective, so switching to Mass Comm was the best decision I ever made. I do what I love, get a degree for it, and make a career out of my passion. Can’t ask for much more. I would consider myself a creative person. I enjoy pushing myself and shattering expectations of what I think is possible. My favorite filmmaker once said, ‘do what you can’t’. That pretty much sums up my life. Doing what I can’t.” – Cullen Jones. Senior, Mass Communications major from Oklahoma City, OK.