University Seal Guidelines

The University Seal is the imprimatur of Southern Nazarene University and is authorized for use on official University academic documents such as: diplomas, certificates, and awards. Documents displaying the Seal denote official University sanction and require the approval of the SNU Creative Development Group (

The Seal represents the legal identity of the University and must not be altered in any way. Changing the shape, words, color—or using one of its elements, absent of others is prohibited. The Seal should never be substituted for the Southern Nazarene University logo.

Safe Zones

The Southern Nazarene University Seal has an established safe zone. This safe zone is intended to maintain the logo’s integrity and to avoid visual confusion. No other type or graphic element (including folds, trims, or edges) should fall within the safe zone shown. The safe zone on all sides of the Seal is equal to the width of the word “CULTURE” contained within banner.


The recommended minimum size of the SNU Seal is 1’’ in. Reducing the logos further would compromise legibility and the integrity of the Seal.


The two color options for the Seal are Black or SNU Crimson. The Seal should only be reproduced in this one-color format. Multi-color variants of the Seal are to be avoided.
Gold or silver foil and thread reproductions may also be permissible for some applications. Please contact with questions.