“My name is Austin Tate, I am a sophomore transfer student from Harrison, Arkansas and I’m  majoring in Theology & Ministry.

I came to SNU this year, as a sophomore transfer student. It all kind of started when I went on a snowboarding trip with some guys from here and every time I came to visit them on campus, I was welcomed. One thing I already enjoy about SNU is the privilege to attend a school where everyone is running the same race you are, its a whole other atmosphere.

This summer, I went on a mission trip to Africa where we traveled and evangelized from the East side of Kenya to the West side. Previously, this same group focused more on speaking to larger groups of people at the same time.  This year, the focus was one-to-one or small group conversations. I believe this more intentional way of communication is where  the Lord has called me; just simply taking time to connect and pray with people. Whether that setting is across the hallway in my dorm, or across the world. I think humans are more alike than we are different, no matter the “barriers” that seemingly lie between us. My goal after I leave SNU is to get connected with an organization that has a similar mission of what I did this past Summer, eventually become a full time missionary, and really go wherever God sends me. “